Carlos Andrés Gómez: VIDEOS & POEMS

"All We Have" by Carlos Andrés Gómez and Savion Glover on Broadway

CARLOS’ REEL - Clips of Carlos Andrés Gómez in the award-winning documentary “Word Clash,” on season 6 of HBO’s “Def Poetry,” Spike Lee’s “INSIDE MAN” with Denzel Washington, and a jaw-dropping finale of Gómez performing with Savion Glover at The Town Hall on Broadway

"Wait" by Carlos Andrés Gómez & Jeanann Verlee

Carlos Andrés Gómez performs “Columbian-Amerikan” (Nuyorican Poets Café)

"They Stole the Music" by Carlos Andrés Gómez (Bergen Performing Arts Center)

New cover, new subtitle, newly revised edition…same shaking hands holding my book for the first time.
Pre-order now HERE
New cover, new subtitle, newly revised edition…same shaking hands holding my book for the first time.
Pre-order now HERE

Here’s Something That All Americans Could Do To Make Their Lives Better That So Many Ignore (Via upworthy)

"Vote for Them" - Written & performed by Carlos Andrés Gómez 

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The third installment of Lexus Verses and Flow 3.0 is in the books, and after watching, there’s really only one question: Did you “Go Get It”? Well, after watching sisters Erica and Tina Campbell—better known as Mary Mary—preach that message during their Verses and Flow…

In case you missed it!  You can now watch my episode of “Verses and Flow” and access all the exclusive online content:

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To watch my exclusive online content, CLICK HERE

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I want to send a heartfelt thank you again to everyone who’s sent love since the show originally aired last week.  Lots of new material in the works!  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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CARLOS ANDRÉS GÓMEZ (as seen on TV One’s “Verses & Flow” and HBO’s “Def Poetry”) performs the full/unedited version of his love poem “EVERYTHING”

Carlos Andrés Gómez performs “Page 424” at Joe’s Pub

Learn about Carlos Andrés Gómez’s journey from social worker in Harlem and the Bronx to “Inside Man” actor and HBO Def Poet on “The Hollywood Life” (Japanese TV)


My book is a raw and revealing look at the ways
in which society pressures young males to grow
up to become men.

I remember being an eighteen year-old freshman, anxious and excited to step out on my own, struggling to carve out my place in the world. I had finally…

On Saturday, a man shot 8 people at the Eaton Centre in downtownToronto.  At a mall I’ve visited many times in a city I love dearly.

This past February, a man shot 3 people half a block from my apartment inBrooklyn.

I wish these were two isolated examples. 

I wish I didn’t have too many to list.

It is time to break the cycle of violence amongst men.  Today.  Here.  Right now.

I am incredibly proud to share this collaboration with Jeff Perera and Dennis Lieu based on a poem I wrote…

Watch it.  Share it. 

Let’s start something.

“How to Fight” by Carlos Andrés Gómez

"Words Worth" by Carlos Andrés Gómez

"Never Again" (Rwanda poem) by Carlos Andrés Gómez